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Entertainment Exhibitions


Feder examines an embroidered "signature shirt" from Las Vegas High School, class of 1938. Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas Costume & Textile Collection.

Photo courtesy Joe Thomson.

How is entertainment costume defined?

The category of entertainment costume includes clothing, accessories and related props designed for a performer's use on a stage, screen or other public venue.

Services are offered to private, individual, corporate, study and museum costume collections.

Entertainment Exhibitions is a full service advisory and collection management firm specializing in entertainment costume.

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  • Collection conservation and storage solutions

Archival, best-practices storage and preventive conservation techniques will prevent deterioration, damage and loss

  • Collection cleaning and stabilizing

Safe, remedial conservation treatments will mitigate, improve or remedy existing condition concerns

  • Costume restoration advice and execution

Strategic restoration techniques will restrict artifact modifications and provide stabilization to maximize lifespan and value

  • Costume reproduction solutions

Strategic replication of fragile artifacts will maximize exhibition opportunities

  • Collection management policy development

Research and development to create a collection management policy which best serves the objectives established for the collection

  • Collection condition survey reports

Determination and documentation of the current physical state of artifacts and prioritization of treatment proposals

  • Collection documentation

Documentation of detailed artifact information via digital-format database

  • Collection cataloging

Organization and labeling of collection artifacts with reference to the collection's database and storage facilities

  • Collection photography

High resolution digital photography for promotion and documentation employing best-practices concerning handling, mounting and lighting

  • Collection appraisal

Monetary and cultural value appraisals of individual artifacts or entire collections

  • Collection research

Execution of comprehensive research services to establish artifact provenance

  • Collection accession counsel

Strategic accession advice based on the established objectives of the collection

  • Collection exhibition ideation

Creation of unique and contemporary exhibition models will maximize the exposure and value of your collection

  • Collection exhibition design

Creative and resourceful exhibition design concepts developed with respect to theme, venue, assets, artifacts and objectives

  • Costume mount design and execution

Development of appropriate display mounts will provide proper support and insight into artifact integrity

  • Exhibition marketing solutions

Development and execution of creative exhibition promotional campaigns will maximize the exposure and value of the collection