Entertainment Exhibitions develops, and executes innovative, strategic, and state-of-the-art applications, partnerships, and solutions designed to safeguard and maximize the potential of historic costume collections.

Photograph courtesy of Karan Feder/Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas

Entertainment Exhibitions is a full-service advisory and collection management firm specializing in entertainment and performance costumes.

Our experts have professional experience in the entertainment, fashion, attraction, marketing, and museum industries.

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Our mission is focused on preservation coupled with a dedication to responsibly research, display, and to educate via unique public exhibitions featuring historic performance and entertainment costumes.

A full service advisory + collection management firm specializing in performance costume 

Entertainment Exhibitions is a full service advisory and collection management firm specializing in entertainment costume.
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  • Academic and author research

  • Entertainment content research

  • Collection storage solutions

  • Collection conservation

  • Cleaning and stabilizing

  • Restoration advice and execution

  • Reproduction solutions

  • Management policy development

  • Documentation and cataloging

  • Collection photography

  • Appraisals

  • Collection research

  • Accession counsel

  • Collection exhibition ideation

  • Mount design and execution

  • Exhibition marketing solutions